Wedding Harpist ~ Chantal Dube plays to ring in the Christmas Season!

Wedding Harpist ~ Chantal Dube plays to ring in the Christmas Season!

I have had the opportunity of playing a few concerts this past December. So before I start my January blogs I must share a few stories with you. My favorite concert this year was the Christmas Extravaganza held at Georgetown Alliance Church the last weekend in November. I had the opportunity to share the spotlight with Hiram Joseph. He is a Christian male vocalist with a soothing and soulful voice that made my heart melt. We did two concerts that weekend and I truly felt blessed to be able to get to know him and share in our common ministry together. As a solo artist in can get rather lonely in dealing with the stress and pressures but while sharing the concert with Hiram we were able to encourage and pray for one another.
Later in December I did a memorial service at Trull Funeral Home. I have often thought as funeral directors as snobbish people. Needless to say I was not exactly looking forward to this gig especially since I didn’t want to get depressed during the Christmas season from the memorial service. However upon arriving at the funeral home I was pleasantly surprised how hospitable they were. They had made room in their indoor parking garage for me to park my car which was a huge blessing because of all the snow we had just gotten. As you can imagine it’s very difficult to move a harp around in the snow. They were also very helpful in helping bring all of my things in and walking me through how the service would go. They made me feel very comfortable and they allowed me to display my CD’s for sale. I was most of all surprised though when they asked me to stay for a short ‘tea’ so people could have a chance to meet me. I was really worried about how awkward that would be but prayed for God to give me the wisdom as to how to handle this situation. I walked into the parlor where everyone was enjoying Christmas treats, tea and coffee. The funeral director offered to get me a coffee while I began to work my way around the room introducing myself to everyone. I was touched by how comforting they found my music to be and how it added such a special touch to the service. I no longer felt concerned about getting depressed but selfish that I was worried about how I felt when all of these wonderful people had just loved a loved one. With some I shared my story about how I struggled with grief after losing my ‘niece like’ friend Catelyn to cancer and with others I just listened to them share about their lvoed ones. I was so happy I could bless people with my gift of music God has given me on that day and in that moment with those grieving people. I felt so good about the experience it felt strange to be payed for it. However I felt even more blessed after being paid that I have such an awesome job. I truly am living the dream…thanks be to God! On my way out one of the funeral directors mentioned to me that he had washed my car. I was so stunned than as I looked at him I replied, “In your suit?” He replied that of course in his suit, that’s the way they do everything… in their suits! Wow a free car wash in December I was so excited to tell my parents about this one. So in the end it turns out that ironically enough I had a great time that day at Trull Funeral Home and sold 12 CDs!

A few weeks later I did my last concert of the season for a Senior Citazens Group at the Oakridge Bible Chapel. I had the lovely opportunity of performing with my dear friend Rachel and her mom. I am Rachel’s spiritual mentor and she has the voice of an angel so it was great to be able to perform with her. I shared my testimony of faith with the folks and played several Christmas carols for them. Later we were able to join them for a nice Christmas Dinner in the lobby of the Church and I was blessed with good food and good company. It was nice to get encouragment from older and wiser people and also hear that they were encouraged by my ministry however it’s not me but He that is within me.

I hope to have some interesting posts in the New Year about weddings I have coming up.

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