Toronto Harpist performs for SOCAN Awards!

SOCAN 2018  Photo Credit: @tristannugent
Toronto Harpist performs for SOCAN Awards!

Toronto Harpist performs for SOCAN Awards!

It was a thrill and an honor to perform on the harp with some amazing female musicians at the 2018 SOCAN Awards in Toronto! Steph Copeland: music director, composer and conductor along with Laura Bidner arranged a medley featuring four great Canadian songs to open up the show. Fake Love, Hosanna, Stay, and Anthem! As Toronto’s Harpist I was tasked with the challenge of performing a 30 second solo on the harp ‘Fake Love’ from Drake’s latest album written by Frank Dukes! Frank Dukes was there that evening (no pressure) and received an award for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ along with Shawn Mendes who was also in attendance! It was an epic night and the medley ended with Brett Kissel joining us on stage performing his song ‘Anthem’. Brett Kissel was amazing MC that evening and just a great person that I got to hang out with later that evening as well. I was personally honored to see Sarah McLachlan perform and receive the ‘Global Inspiration Award’ I also met her after the show and let me tell you, she was LOVELY! Twas a night I will never forget chatting with so many great people at the ‘After Party’ such as Frank Duke, Shawn Hook, Brett Kissel, Rose Cousins and many more!
It was especially an honorable night for the harp in itself. The harp was featured as a solo instrument on stage opening up the Awards Ceremony with a 30 second solo. For once the harp was not at the back but in the front, even in front of the curtain. They opened the curtain after my solo to reveal the rest of the female ensemble behind me, what a moment!
I made some great friends that evening too. Brigit who is a Toronto violinist and pictured in the photo with me was one of many new friends I made. We are now working together for performances at weddings and special events. She can be hired to perform violin with the harp or cello. She is also an amazing violin soloist who can perform electric violin or acoustic violin. She is a show in and of herself so let me know if you are interested in having her perform for you! I will keep you posted on any new exciting new about harp and violin music videos that may be in the making!

Toronto Harpist ~ Chantal Dube

SOCAN 2018 Photo Credit: @tristannugent

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